Modern Baseball

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Neck Deep by Tom Falcone
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Balance And Composure @ Ritual, January 17, 2014
35mm film
please keep the credit
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Stick To Your Guns by Cardinals. on Flickr.
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Adrian of Northlane on the Free Your Mind tour._______________________________________
I’ve entered a photograph into Commonwealth Bank’s travel competition.If I’m in the top 6 I have a chance of winning a $5k travel voucher, which I’ll be using solely for touring with bands as a photographer - this will come in handy specifically next January where I have the chance to travel to Europe with a yet-to-be announced band. It’s things like this that can keep me travelling with bands like Storm The Sky, Sierra, Make Them Suffer, etc, as most bands cannot afford a photographer for a tour.
If you have a spare minute, please follow the link below and click “vote” on my photo. It literally takes about 20 seconds to do and every vote helps.https://www.snapupaholiday.com.au/?app_data=3628

I Killed The Prom Queen. Adelaide UniBar.